Deantoni Parks is a versatile musical virtuoso known for his innovative and boundary-pushing approach to music. His musical journey spans various genres, including now-wave, avant-garde, and experimental music. He is co-founder and percussionist of the New York band KUDU, a project defying categorization. Parks excels in TV and film scoring as part of the duo We Are Dark Angels, crafting innovative compositions for visual storytelling. He's a key figure in the progressive rock scene, notably with the Mars Volta, where his drumming added electrifying dimensions to the band's soundscapes. He also ventured into alternative rock with Bosnian Rainbows, alongside Nicci Kasper. Beyond music, Parks is the visionary behind Technoself Immersive, a tech art fair that explores consciousness through art and self-archaeology. He's a respected music educator, having taught at institutions like the Stanford Jazz Workshop and Berklee College of Music. Parks also established the Technoself School of Philosophy, offering a unique blend of philosophy and modern technology concepts.

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